The West Carling Association Members’ Contest
Winner Announcement – and photo locations revealed

And the winner is – Graham Tucker!

Congratulations to everyone who played along, and a special thanks to Thomas Betts for providing us with a photo tour of our special piece of The Bay.

Answer Key Below:

Week Five – August 12 – Final Week

Week 5 – A –click to enlarge

Jones Island Front Range Light, on Gordon Rock

Week 5 – B –click to enlarge

Canoe Channel, from the west side

Week Four – August 5

Week 4 – A –Click to enlarge

Silver Tree Point, Mink Islands

Week 4 – B –Click to enlarge

A connecting channel in the Little Lakes, Franklin Island

Week Three – July 29

Week 3 – A –click to enlarge

Red Rock Lighthouse, near the Mink Islands

Week 3 – B –click to enlarge


Hole-in-the-Wall, Shawanaga Island region

Week Two – July 22

Week 2 – A –click to enlarge

Channel marker near Middle Island and Snug Harbor

Week 2 – B –click to enlarge

“Cruiser Bay,” between Windsor Island and Franklin Island

Week One – July 15

Week 1-A –click to enlarge–

Cunningham Bay, Franklin Island

Week 1-B –click to enlarge–

The Bull’s-eye, near Henrietta Point

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