CONTEST: WCA August Challenges

  1. Place an egg as high as you can without breaking it. Measure the distance from the ground and take a photo of the egg in its location. Send in your results.
  2. How old are you in weeks? Take a guess then do the calculation. How close were you? Send in your answer.
  3. Draw a self portrait blindfolded. Send a photo of your masterpiece.
  4. What am I? I start with no legs, then I have two legs, then four legs. Send in your answer.
  5. Construct a bridge with at least three items over water that is strong enough to support a potato or similar object. Send a photo.
  6. How old is the oldest dog you know? Send in the dog’s name and age.
  7. Construct a paper airplane and fly it. How far does it fly? Send a photo or record a video.
  8. Find someone who’s birthday is within two weeks of yours. Send in your answer.
  9. How long can you stand on one leg with your eyes closed? Send in your time.
  10. Do a random act of kindness. What did you do?



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