HWY 559 Update

By Christina Capp

Kevin McLLwain provided this update on Hwy 559.

The project for the new Hwy 559 is in progress. So far, all the designs are completed, and all the money has been allocated for the project. The new 559 is going to be a fully paved highway, including shoulders on both sides.

This year, the work will start on the section of the 559 between East Carling Bay Road and Hwy 400.  Improvements will be made to the entrance to East Carling Bay Road with the addition of a streetlight at that intersection. This work is now out for tender.

With the new design of HWY 559 some properties are encroaching on the Hwy. The plan is for MTO to solve that this year.

The full construction will start 2022 and probably go into 2023.