Presidents Message

Summer is in full swing although the weather has been decidedly sunshine sporadic. 

West Carling Association is 100 years old this year. Unfortunately, there was not a lot we could do to celebrate other than to say Happy Anniversary!! I think next year will require some special recognition.

As well, the pandemic has put a hold on our events for this summer but I am hopeful that we can get together next year. The board of directors is already putting on their thinking caps to come up with some interesting events for next summer.

The Membership Committee has focused once again on increasing our membership.  We have a new brochure and if would like one contact Donna Tucker, our membership chair.

This year we have three board of directors who have given many years of their time to WCA retiring and taking a well-deserved rest.

John Rohr has served 12 years on the board and has always provided sound advice and guidance. John always takes his time and when he speaks it is well thought clear and solid advice. Thank you so much for giving of your time and expertise, we will miss him but he will now have more time for dock repair.

Bill Bialkowski has also served on the board for 12 years and has been instrumental in providing advice and technical expertise to the GBA on water levels.  He has spent a number of hours working on why we have had low water levels and what are the solutions.  He also has taken on the responsibility to archive the WCA information so the work done is not lost. Bill has been a valuable director with his technical expertise and wise advice.  We will miss him but I think he is also getting into the dock repair business.

Sheila Tierney is one of the longest-serving members of the board. She has spent 25 years supporting WCA and has served in a number of capacities including the president – once or twice and secretary -once or twice over many years.  Shelia was board secretary when I became president and she was simply amazing keeping us all on track and making sure the minutes came out and agendas were sent. 

As well, she has an amazing memory for what has happened throughout the years and always had good advice to give. We will miss her and hope she enjoys a well-deserved rest.

Thank you, John, Bill and Shelia, for your strong dedication to WCA.

Finally, we are so happy to welcome the former North Sound Association members who joined us this year.  You will remember we indicated last year that we were having a discussion about a merger.  This has happened. The North Sound Association dissolved their organization and their members joined with us.  This has resulted in a stronger and better organization which will give us a stronger voice when needed.

My sincere thanks to John Rohr and Donna Tucker from WCA and Janis Wade, Sheilah Rowe, and Steve Vokes from North Sound Association. This was a great team that worked through the detail to make this happen.

Once again, a very warm welcome to all former North Sound Association members. We are so happy to have you with us.

Finally, a special thanks to all the directors for their hard work and dedication to WCA this past year.

We also welcome back those of you who have been unable to come to your summer home.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the summer!