West Carling Association 2020 Art Auction

The West Carling Association has a long history of caring for our environment and our community. To help us celebrate our community and to give back to the healthcare system that has worked so hard to keep us safe, we are auctioning a beautiful painting of a family of Canadian Geese called “Family Outing” by WCA’s own Peter Pook. All proceeds will be donated to the West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation.
The auction is open to all members of the West Carling Association, new members are welcome. The winning bidder will be validated and if not a current paid member given the chance to become a member or the next highest bid by a paid member will be chosen.

Family Outing

by Peter Pook
Oils on hardboard, 24” x 10” with a 3” wide custom made northern barn-board frame.
The scene is of a family of Canadian Geese cruising the shoreline reeds on Mirror Lake located just inside the western shore of Franklin Island.

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