Winter Ruminations

By Carol Hodson

So the summer is over and we’re all snuggling down to face the Canadian winter ahead…   But already we‘re planning…. dreaming… dare I say, plotting, the projects to be done next summer at the cottage in Carling.  Something to improve our summer experience and that experience is certainly impacted by how our larger community/township is run.

Do I know who the councilors/Mayor are?  What are the big issues in the West Parry Sound area?  Are there projects afoot which may affect my taxes?  Maybe my neighbor would be a good candidate for the new council?  Maybe I would be a good candidate (oh my goodness!!!)

One source of information on municipal activity in Carling is the agenda/minutes of Council meetings, available on request from the town office (705-342-5856).

All food for thought on a snowy evening…. Happy holidays and pleasant planning for ALL improvements to our cottage experience!