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Western Carling Township

For property owners on the shoreline and islands of Georgian Bay in the western portion of Carling Township.

Once a closely guarded secret, West Carling’s extensive unspoiled lands and pristine offshore islands have recently become the destination of choice for the greatest concentration of kayak and canoe enthusiasts in the province. Franklin Island, with its more than 1000 hectares of old growth forest and wildlife habitat is arguably the Crown jewel in this central Georgian Bay location. Ten kilometers further offshore lie the unique Limestone Islands whose remote location affords undisturbed habitat for the breeding of countless gulls and terns.


The principal automobile access to West Carling is Highway 559 running west about 15 km north of the Town of Parry Sound off Highway 69. Water access is extremely convenient as most of the shoreline of West Carling runs along the inner ( well-buoyed) small craft channel north and west of Parry Island to the Shawanaga Indian Reserve.

Active marinas in the region include Dillon Cove, Killbear Marina and Snug Harbour.

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