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Photo of - Your Support is Needed to Stop the Meaford Pumped (Electricity) Storage Project

Your Support is Needed to Stop the Meaford Pumped (Electricity) Storage Project

TC Energy (TCE) proposes constructing a large pumped storage facility just north of Meaford on land owned by the Department of National Defence. The facility will occupy approximately 500 acres of land, including a man-made reservoir partially excavated into the escarpment, and extend 650 metres out into Georgian Bay. Over 6 billion gallons of water will be pumped approximately 150m up the escarpment through intake turbines to the reservoir/dam to be temporarily stored. It will then be released back into Georgian Bay to generate electricity, which will be transferred to the power grid near Barrie. This project will have Georgian Bay-wide impacts on water quality and biodiversity, and the pumped storage technology is outdated and only 72 per cent efficient. There is an opportunity this November to persuade the Ontario Ministry of Energy to drop its support for this project. Please consider sending an email through the GBA online portal to explain why this proposed project is a bad deal for Ontario and its taxpayers here.

Photo of - We Need Your Help - Let's Talk: Long-term Anchoring

We Need Your Help – Let’s Talk: Long-term Anchoring

Transport Canada Wants to Hear From You About Long-term Anchoring Transport Canada has opened a Let’s Talk: Long-term Anchoring consultation to find out if you think changing Canada’s rules would be a good way to manage floating homes that anchor long-term. By participating in this consultation, you will help us move closer to finally having floating homes properly regulated in Ontario. This consultation is all about Transport Canada seeking comments on when and where it would make sense to regulate floating homes. As in past campaigns, the more responses Transport Canada receives, the more likely they will move forward with the necessary regulatory changes. The comment period closes on December 11, 2023. Add your voice

Photo of - West Carling Association Wins Grant to Fight Phragmites

West Carling Association Wins Grant to Fight Phragmites

Invasive phragmites is an aggressive plant that spreads quickly and poses a considerable threat to Ontario’s environment and economy By Deborah Sparks, Parry Sound Friday, November 10, 2023   The West Carling Association of Nobel was awarded $4,029 from the Green Shovels Collaborative’s Invasive Phragmites Control Fund to combat the invasive plant Phragmites. This project joins 20 others from across Ontario supported through the Invasive Phragmites Control Fund, a granting program made possible by an expanded investment of $250,000 from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. Invasive phragmites is an aggressive plant that spreads quickly and poses a considerable threat to Ontario’s environment and economy. Phragmites outcompete native species for water and nutrients. Growing up to five metres in height and up to one metre below ground, Phragmites forms dense stands that generally provide poor habitat and food for wildlife, including several species at risk. Once established, Phragmites can degrade local environments, including reducing biological diversity, impacting infrastructure, agriculture, recreation, tourism, and public safety. Investing in a collaborative, sustained solution to phragmites is well worth it. A 2021 study estimated total economic benefits realized by controlling phragmites could exceed $113 million annually in Ontario. An investment in scaled phragmites control would pay dividends in preventing the many costs of phragmites to Ontario through reduced agricultural production, reduced public access to water, increased flooding, and lost tourism revenue. The West Carling Association consists of residents in Carling Township whose mission includes environmental stewardship, land use, municipal, provincial, and federal advocacy. Their project, Survey, Control and Monitor of Invasive Phragmites in Carling Township Coastal Areas, is an ongoing, collaborative project using proven strategies to complete surveys of the Carling Township coastline, which is estimated to be 220 kilometres long. They anticipate the elimination of seven known stands of coastal invasive phragmites and will continue ongoing monitoring and management of infested sites. "This project will establish a clear baseline of our coastal phragmites presence, invoke eradication strategies, and become the basis of ongoing monitoring which will use citizen science with organized group oversight to firewall our township coastal regions and prevent spread inland," said Richard Wilson, West Carling Association. Learn more about the Invasive Phragmites Control Fund here.

Photo of - WCA Fall 2023 Newsletter

WCA Fall 2023 Newsletter

To read the latest issue click here 



Are you planning to take your boat out for a few trips before the end of the season? If you're thinking of using your boat in a different body of water in Ontario, it's essential to comply with the law and CLEAN, DRAIN, AND DRY it before switching to a new water body. This practice is crucial in preventing the spread of invasive hitchhikers like zebra mussels, spiny water fleas, and fragments of aquatic plants. It's also important to check your boat trailer and gear for anything that might be hiding.  

Photo of - Fall Boating Safety

Fall Boating Safety

The Canadian Safe Boating Council (CSBC) reminds boaters that fall boating, although peaceful and breathtaking, can be much quieter than high-season boating.For this reason, you need to be self-sufficient because fewer boats may be nearby if you need help. Get Fall boating safety tips online here from CSBC:      

Photo of - Request for Fall Newsletter Content

Request for Fall Newsletter Content

We are looking for articles of interest for our Fall newsletter.  If you want to submit an article for the WCA Summer newsletter, please contact Nanci Wakeman with your submission in WORD format by October 14. Articles should be 250-700 words, and if including photos - please provide high-resolution photos (one or more, including photo credits – who took the photo, plus captions).

Photo of - Fun with Phrag: Video Highlights WCA Members in Action

Fun with Phrag: Video Highlights WCA Members in Action

WCA is the latest member association to be showcased in GBA's Stewards of the Bay video series. As a part of the broader Guardians of the Bay initiative, this video series highlights the passion and action of our community members in their commitment to preserving the unique habitat of Georgian Bay. On Wednesday, August 16, a group led by WCA Board Member Richard Wilson set out from Snug Harbour with guides from Georgian Bay Forever (GBF) to do seasonal cutting of the phragmites stands on Franklin Island. GBF has developed a strong and effective program engaged in Georgian Bay shoreline phragmites eradication. Many of the stands they monitored and managed have been successfully eliminated. Coastal stands of phragmites can be combatted by cutting their stems just below the water surface, which effectively drowns the plant. Several years of repeated cutting have been shown as an effective method to eliminate a stand. GBA MEMBER ASSOCIATION VIDEOS The goal of this video project is both to highlight the environmental efforts of cottagers and to develop more of a sense of community among our neighbouring member associations. Click here to find videos from other GBA member associations - with topics ranging from building loon nest platforms to habitat restoration to shoreline cleanup efforts to many, many more.

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