Our area is under increasing development pressure, especially with the new highway now open. Your participation is essential – together, we can protect our properties and shorelines.

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All members of the West Carling Association receive:

Please add your voice and opinions by becoming a member of the West Carling Association.
Without your participation, neither our association nor our parent body, the Georgian Bay Association, would be able to succeed with our mandate to protect and preserve the natural beauty and ecology of our Georgian Bay shores.

West Carling Association Annual Membership fee – $100.00

(Based on a Calendar year from January 1 through December 31)

We really need your help to continue to provide the resources and services which help protect West Carling, pay your membership dues by clicking the link below.

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Three-Step Process

  1. Verify your address and contact information.
  2. If you like, choose to add additional support for either WCA or the GBA.
  3. Follow the easy instructions on the PayPal website to securely and privately provide your payment information.

Associate Memberships Available – $25 per year

You can now offer an Associate Membership to family members or friends who share your love for Georgian Bay and want to stay informed about WCA and GBA issues and events.  All that is required is that at least one Primary Membership is current ($100 per year) for the same property in which you would like to add the associate members.  From your Profile page, scroll down to the bottom of the right column and select “Add Associate Member.”  Primary members can add one or more Associates and make the payment on their behalf, or provide the new members with their own username and password and they can make their own payments and maintain the contact information.

Benefits of an Associate Membership:

New Members and Pay by Cheque

New to West Carling, or prefer to pay by cheque, download our WCA 2024 Membership Form and mail it today!

How to Pay by e-Transfer

  1. Verify that the information we have on file for you is correct (login in the top right corner of this page), including the name and email address of the primary membership holder as well as any co-owners and associate members related to the account.  This is an important step so we can match your e-transfer to your membership.
  2. The payee for the e-transfer is
  3. Include in the “optional Message” section of your e-transfer the full name of the primary account holder, and if making a payment for anything other than your membership renewal ($100) please include a breakdown of the payments, including the names of any associate memberships and any additional contributions to the WCA or GBA as applicable.  For example, for a $165 e-transfer the note may look like “Jane Sample – Primary $100, John Sample – Associate $25, WCA $20, GBA $20
Note: If you don’t include the breakdown, the first $100 will be applied to your primary membership for the calendar year in which it is received and any additional money will be applied as a WCA contribution for the year in which it is received.  If you have already paid your membership for the calendar year, all the funds will be attributed as a WCA contribution.