February 26 Carling Budget Meeting

Carling Council is in the process of finalizing the budget for 2024. There is a public meeting scheduled for February 26 at 9 a.m. The West Carling Association (WCA) strongly urges you to:

  1. Read the attached report (below).
  2. Attend the budget information session scheduled for February 26 – virtually or in person. To gain access to the virtual meeting, please contact mtaylor@carling.ca
  3. Should you have any concerns regarding the budget, please feel free to express them during or in writing before the meeting. You may direct your written concerns to Mayor Murphy and our Councillors at:






The WCA has received an analysis of Carling’s financial and operational data, which has been compared to the municipalities of Whitestone and McKellar. These two municipalities have similar populations and proportions of seasonal residents. The analysis was conducted by a member of the Pengally Bay Ratepayers Association, who has extensive financial management experience. The study has identified several areas of concern.

Based on a data review conducted in 2017, it has been concluded that the residents of Carling are being overtaxed. The study reveals that we are paying 40 to 50 per cent (or more than $2.5 million) extra compared to the residents of Whitestone and McKellar for maintaining similar infrastructure and, in some cases, receiving fewer services.

The following specific concerns were identified in the analysis:

  1. High staffing costs that continue to grow.
  2. Excessive reserves that continue to build up, resulting in interest payments on debt.
  3. The lack of involvement of Carling residents in decisions regarding the purpose and disposition of the reserves.
  4. Increasing taxes to build the reserves.
  5. Compared to Whitestone and McKellar, Carling is building higher reserves to fund the replacement of Township equipment and infrastructure ($3.8 million when only $168,000 is required by the Municipal Act).
  6. Building reserves for undefined purposes.
  7. Unexplained costs in the General Government Fund.

The report concludes with several recommendations, including requesting that the Carling Council target tax reductions rather than continuing to increase our taxes.

The WCA and the Pengally Bay Ratepayers Association have jointly drafted a letter expressing their concerns to the Carling Council. They have requested the council to take the following actions:

  1. Conduct a review of salaries and benefits in comparison to other jurisdictions.
  2. Conduct a full review of reserve funds in comparison to other jurisdictions.
  3. Form a financial subcommittee comprising one or more Carling residents with expertise in financial management (non-paid) to work with the council and staff. Additionally, they should assist in the budget analysis, monitor quarterly results and make recommendations to the council for remedial action if required.
  4. Adjust the 2024 budget to a zero per cent increase.


If you have any questions, please address them to info@westcarling.com


Carling 2024 Budget Analysis Final