Floating ‘Homes’ NOT ‘Vessels’ Designation – Support is Needed

Gloucester Pool Cottage Association (GPCA) in the Port Severn area has established a coalition to regulate the growing number of floating homes in Ontario waters. They are seeking the support of the many associations up and down the Bay for their members to join a campaign to regulate the growing presence of these float homes. Because these floating ‘homes’ are presently categorized as vessels, that “designation allows the float homes to avoid building code, environmental, navigational, and safety regulations as well as taxation and location management.”
GPCA, with strong support from GBA, is asking each of us to join their campaign to heighten awareness of Transport Canada for the need to redesignate the vessels as homes. Read below to learn how to add your voice.
There are two components to this campaign. This first initiative is a letter-writing campaign by all association members to the Minister of Transport requesting the Ministry rescind the designation of float homes as ‘vessels’.
GBA strongly supports and encourages everyone to send in their own letter as described below.
To facilitate the process, here is a master link to a website to the Float Homes not Vessels Minister Letter & Instructions to Complete

There are two links within the master link:

  • The first link is to the letter to the Minister of Transport;
  • the second link is to view instructions to successfully send the letter to the Minister of Transport.
Shortly, a second campaign initiative will be the completion of a petition to the Minister of Transport. Petitions require a response from the Minister to the petition’s signatories. More details will be provided at a later date.
GBA is endorsing this initiative wholeheartedly, and given limited available resources at the GBA, is deferring to the GPCA to rally support up and down the Bay! Please consider sending in your letter today.