Response from Council on the Pool Project

At the Carling Council budget meeting on February 9, Mayor Murphy noted that she had been reading notes that residents sent to her and the Councillors regarding the pool project and that she is concerned. She added that the Pool Board needs to keep Carling residents updated and that she would like to see a change. She requested that Councillors Kelly and Doubrough draw up a list of questions that Carling residents have asked to seek answers from the Pool Board, document them, and send them to all residents. She also suggested there needs to be an ongoing mechanism so residents can forward their questions to the Pool Board to get accurate, up-to-date information as the project progresses.

It is very positive to hear our Mayor acknowledge concern about the lack of information being shared by the Pool Board. If you have specific questions for the Pool Board, please send them to Councillors Kelly and Doubrough and copy them to our mayor and Councillors Cook and Wing, as well as

Their email addresses are below: