Georgian Bay Association Additional Director

Do you have a deep appreciation and respect for Georgian Bay and recognize that it is a special and fragile place? Do you care enough about Georgian Bay to base your actions, decisions, and behaviours, in favor of long-term health and sustainability of the Georgian Bay ecosystem?

For so many of us, Georgian Bay is a special place representing family, history, nature, memories, and the hope of renewal that arrives with each new season. That is a bond and a legacy worth protecting and preserving. The GBA Board and its volunteers work incredibly hard for you, but as we move forward, we could really benefit from some extra help.

The Georgian Bay Association (GBA) is looking for an additional Director to represent the West Carling Association on its Board.

What is the Georgian Bay Association?

The GBA is a not-for-profit umbrella advocacy organization, representing 17 community associations along the eastern and northern shores of Georgian Bay – that’s more than 6,000 families. The GBA advocates for real action to all levels of government that benefits us all. The GBA dedicates itself to preserving the incredible, yet fragile, wilderness and waterways that make the Bay so enjoyable for your family and friends, and future generations.

Who Belongs to the GBA?

GBA’s membership is defined as its 17 member associations. The interests of all members of these associations are represented by GBA, and a portion of the annual fee paid to local associations goes to GBA in support of its many initiatives and projects.

How Does the GBA Operate?

GBA’s activities are run by a volunteer Board of Directors selected based on GBA’s desire for regional representation as well as the need for a broad range of interests and experience. The Board oversees all GBA day-to-day operations, fundraising, communications, and marketing activities. The GBA Executive Director works closely with Board members to assist them in implementing GBA’s strategic priorities and action plans.

Why Join GBA’s Board of Directors

Contribute your skills, provide support, collaborate with a group of motivated professionals who share your passion for the Bay – and learn about the issues we face (development creep, high/low water issues, an increase of new boaters on the Bay, noise pollution, growing environmental challenges) are getting bigger, more complex, and increasingly expensive to challenge with each passing day. No formal board experience is required, just the desire to make a difference!

Responsibilities & Duties

We know how much Georgian Bay and your cottage mean to you. After all, we’re cottagers too. It is this shared passion and commitment to the Bay that gave rise to the GBA in 1916 – and continues to thrive today, thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to help protect the Bay and its environment.

If you are interested in learning more about this position with the GBA and how you can make a difference on the Bay, please contact Allison Needham at