Membership Update

By Donna Tucker

We have grown!  Our membership for 2021 stands at 252 members comprised of 212 Primary Members and 42 Associate Members.  In 2020 we had 142 members comprised of 134 Primary Members and 8 Associate Members.  Our value is in our voice and our voice grows stronger as our membership numbers grow. Thank you to each of you for continuing to provide your support to WCA by maintaining your membership. Although our membership numbers continue to increase overall we lose about 8 to 10% of our membership year over year. That is to say that although we are signing up new members, we are not retaining all of our members. Some of this loss can be attributed to loss of contact with members due to mailing or email address changes or sale of the property.  We urge you to keep your profile updated, especially your email address.

Our current practice is to send out three membership reminder notices starting in January. There is usually a flurry of sign-ups following these reminders demonstrating that we all need reminders to renew our membership. We hope to cut down on the number of renewal notices in future.  For your convenience, optional automatic annual membership renewal is now available. This option can be cancelled easily, at any time.  We urge you to consider this option to help us with our “paperwork”.

How to sign up for automatic renewal

We will be sending out a membership reminder notice in January. After you login to our website go to your “Profile” and then “Make Payments”. You will see a prompt to “Set up auto renewal” which will require you to provide a credit card number.  After you have paid your $70 fee and checked this option, automatic renewal will commence in January 2023.  You can cancel out at any time before January 1st each year.

WCA was established in 1921. Please help us to keep our numbers strong to carry us through the next one hundred years by encouraging your neighbours and family to join.