Membership Update

The West Carling Association is growing!  We are pleased to report that year to date we have 209 paid members.  Ninety-nine members from the former North Sound Association have joined WCA (68 Primary and 23 Associate).  To date, 96 WCA Primary Members and 12 Associate Members have refreshed their membership.  In addition, we have nine new Associate Members and three new Primary Members.

Please speak to your neighbours about joining.  As we grow, we strengthen our voice.  If you would like copies of our updated brochure to share with your friends and neighbours, let the Membership Committee know.  Our organization is 100 years old this year.  Encourage your children and grandchildren to join as Associate Members ($25 annual fee) to continue the WCA tradition.

There are some new developments in relation to paying your membership dues.  It is now possible to set up automatic annual renewal by providing a credit card number when you renew.  This has been established for your convenience and can be cancelled at any time.  The other feature available now is e-transfer.  You can access this by sending your payment to

Your Membership Committee (Adrian Crowe, Carol Hodson, Bruce Kelly, Sheilah Rowe, Sheila Tierney, Donna Tucker and Steve Vokes) has met several times over the Spring to prepare for the coming season.  We are planning some virtual events.  We are in search of individuals who are willing to give an informative talk, lead a discussion about a topic of interest or do a musical performance virtually.  Our members have many talents.  Do you know someone who has a particular expertise that would be willing to share their knowledge and talent?  Please get in touch with us through the website at or call Donna Tucker at 416 414-8833 if you would like to suggest a speaker or assist in organizing these events.


How to Pay by e-Transfer

  1. Login to the com membership portal and verify that the information we have on file for you is correct, including the name and email address of the primary membership holder as well as any co-owners and associate members related to the account.  This is an important step so we can match your e-transfer to your membership.
  1. The payee for the e-transfer is
  1. Include in the “optional Message” section of your e-transfer the full name of the primary account holder, and if making a payment for anything other than your annual membership renewal ($70) please include a breakdown of the payments, including the names of any associate memberships and any additional contributions to the WCA or GBA as applicable.  For example, for a $125 e-transfer the note may look like “Jane Sample – Primary $70, John Sample – Associate $25, WCA $15, GBA $15

NOTE: If you don’t include the breakdown will result in us applying the first $70 to your primary membership for the calendar year in which it is received and any additional money as a WCA contribution for the year in which it is received. If you have already paid your membership for the calendar year, all the funds will be attributed as a WCA contribution. Please also note the WCA and the GBA are not charitable organizations and cannot issue tax receipts.