President’s Message – Spring 2021

Spring is finally here. It has been very slow on the Bay.  The leaves are just starting to leaf, the daffodils are in full bloom and my lungwort is a beautiful sight.

Unfortunately, the pandemic continues as does the lockdown in Ontario.  Cases are decreasing and the vaccine supply is increasing but no one is certain what will happen this summer. We all hope it will be better than last year and cottagers can return to their summer homes. Whether the border will open for our friends outside of Canada is still a big unknown.

I do have some wonderful news – WCA has joined with the North Shore Association to form a larger and stronger association.  We welcome these new members with open arms and we know they will make a valuable contribution to WCA. Several of their executives have joined the Board of Directors and are already bringing fresh ideas and opportunities forward. It will be wonderful when we can have a meet and greet and get to know each other.

A very warm welcome to our newest WCA members.  Thank you for joining us.

A map can be found at the end of this message together with a written outline of what is now included in WCA.

As for events this summer, it is very unlikely that we can hold anything in person. That means no picnic, no July 1st pancake breakfast, no dinner cruise and no children’s events.  We will still hold our AGM on Saturday, July 24th via zoom. Information on this will be sent out early in July.

Membership Chair, Donna Tucker, GBA representative Allison Needham, and I attended the GBA AGM in April and found it very interesting.  GBA is the umbrella organization we belong to and is the advocate for Georgian Bay. This year the Association has been advocating on issues such as safe access for our American members for the upcoming season, working to ensure legislation on septic systems is not harmful to the Bay, and supporting the private member’s bill on keeping dock foam out of our lakes.  The full presentations are included in the GBA May 2021 eUpdate.  If you don’t have this, let me know and I will make sure to get a copy to you.

I hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy your cottages this summer and I look forward to connecting with you as soon as possible.  Wishing you all the best.




West Carling Association Map – Click for larger version