Presidents Message – Winter 2021

Happy Holidays to you all!

This year was WCA’s 100th Anniversary but it was decided with the pandemic to celebrate this in 2022. Although we were unable to get together again this summer, I hope you will enjoy this holiday season and 2022 will allow us to celebrate and to enjoy a more normal summer on the Bay.

There is ice on the Bay as I write this, but Craig Groves is still working out in the islands. There seems to be a lot of building happening. Maybe some of you are part of that.

Here are some highlights from this past year.

First many thanks to our Snug Harbour “lighthouse warriors” Bruce Davidson and Peter Pook, with help from Chris and Jessica Moses and entertained by Larry Moses, who worked tirelessly in the heat to paint the generator building this summer. Last summer they painted the boarded-up windows black to look like real windows. Assisting with that were Alex Davidson and Adrian, Autumn, Violet and Ollie Crowe. Peter and Bruce also painted faux windows on the bunker to make it more consistent and more residential. It looks great!!

At our AGM, a Zoom meeting once again, we had a presentation from Carling resident, Robin Plumb, on the proposed Pool and Wellness Centre. It is being recommended as a joint project by Parry Sound and its surrounding municipalities. While there is general support for the concept, the concern lies with the potential for substantial capital and operating costs which will increase taxes. Many of us listened to the presentation by the Wellness Committee to Carling council and we understand that the proposal has been approved with some caveats. This project will be one that we will watch to make sure you know what is happening and what the impact on you will be.

We successfully completed our merger with the North Sound Association and many of their members attended our AGM. We were also lucky that 4 former members have joined the WCA Board. They are Janis Wade, who started the ball rolling, Sheilah Rowe, who worked with Donna Tucker and the Membership Committee, Jay Burford, who has been very active in the Board and Steve Vokes, the former President who was elected Vice President, WCA at our AGM. They are already making a strong contribution to the Board. Please know that you are a very welcome and an excellent addition to the WCA. I look forward to meeting more of you in the future.

Our membership committee under the leadership of Donna Tucker continues to do amazing work recruiting new members. They have developed a new brochure that is being used to recruit members and if you would like to give these out to potential members, we have them available for you. With our now larger area, we have 204 full-time members and 42 associates. Associates pay $25 annually and can be anyone associated with a property owner. This can be a great Christmas gift for your children. It is a good way for them to become involved in WCA and prepare them to take over. We also have the ability for you to sign up for auto-renewal and have already 11 members signed up.  Check the website for information.

This committee was also responsible for our Flag Contest, our Rock Painting Contest and Our Scavenger Hunt – all of which were fun for those who participated.

Three long-serving Board members retired this year.  We thank them very much for the over 50 years of time and talent they have given to WCA. We have been very lucky to have them.

John Rohr has served 12 years on the board and has always provided sound advice and guidance. He always takes his time and when he speaks he gives clear and solid advice.

Bill Bialkowski has served on the board for 12 years and has been instrumental in providing advice and technical expertise to GBA on water levels.  He also archived the WCA information so the work done is not lost.

Sheila Tierney is one of the longest members of the board. She has spent more than 25 years supporting WCA and has served in a number of capacities including President and Secretary more than once.  As Board Secretary over the past few years, she was simply amazing keeping us all on track. She also has an amazing memory for past events which are so invaluable in the decision-making process.

Finally, I wish you all the best for a happy and healthy 2022 and look forward to seeing us all on the Bay enjoying the wonders of this beautiful location.


Pamela Wing