The West Carling Association Annual General Meeting, July 28, 2013 – Carling Recreational Hall

A brief summary by Bill Bialkowski

Some 45 people attended the Annual General Meeting on July 28, at the Carling Recreational Hall. Carling Township Mayor Gord Harrison, and Councillors Mike Gordon, Susan Murphy, Sid Larsen, as well as guest speaker, Mary Muter were present.

Details of the AGM activates can be found in the AGM minutes which are posted here.

The highlights of the meeting included an update on Carling Council activities by Mayor Gord Harrison and Councillor Mike Gordon who together spoke council action on: low water levels, dock congestion, Franklin Island, Carling finances and lighthouses.

After the regular AGM business, President Jeremy Gawen introduced keynote speaker, Mary Muter of Sierra Club Ontario, and Restore Our Water International, who spoke on water levels, and significant recent developments, which provide at least a little optimism for a solution to the low water level problem . Mary’s talk was illustrated by simulation model graphs by Bill Bialkowski, who has been very active in this area.