Vote for Your Future

By Daryle Moffatt

2022 is not only a provincial election year, but also a municipal, including school trustee, election year.  We will go to the polls on October 24, 2022, to decide who will represent the residents of the Township of Carling (Carling) for the next four (4) years.  We know that Susan Murphy, currently a Councillor, has thrown her hat into the mayor’s race and the balance of candidates will be rounded out in short order.  Before we get to October, there is a lot of ground to cover and consider before placing an “X” in that box.

Carling has put a lot of information on its website at this link but one of the most important things to remember is that “Anyone can vote in a municipal election who, on the day of the election is:

A lot of folks do not believe they can vote where they have seasonal property but that is not the case.  Also, you do not have to go a polling station to vote because Carling will be using Internet and telephone voting to conduct the election starting at 10:00 am on Tuesday October 11, 2022, until 8:00 pm on Monday October 24, 2022.  Therefore, if you have Internet or a telephone, you can vote.

Critical in voting is ensuring you are on the voters list.  Here is the link to the website to check that and if you are not on the voter’s list, please take the necessary steps to get yourself, and others permitted to vote on the voter’s list.

Like all election, there will be door-to-door meetings, all candidates’ meetings, and the like, so there is a lot of opportunity to engage with your potential next municipal council.  During that engagement, you may want to consider some of the following:

  1. How well did the current Council members engage with you over the last four years? For example did you hear from them back in 2018 (just before the election) and then only again in 2022 before the upcoming election?  Is that enough?  How could the candidate engage with you on a more regular basis?
  2. How were you informed of the comings and going at the Carling Council table over the last four years?
  3. If you do not live year-round in Carling, do you feel part of the community?  How would you better feel part of the community?
  4. Where do you stand on these issues:
    1. The environment,
    2. Property taxes, keeping in mind that school taxes represent a portion of the overall municipal property tax rate,
    3. Water quality,
    4. Parking,
    5. By-law matters,
    6. Zoning matters,
    7. Are you aware that Carling is updating its Official Plan?  Can the candidates speak to the proposed changes?  Did the candidate engage you in this review, if not, why note?
    8. Shoreline development, including tree clearing,
    9. Roads,
    10. Waste,
    11. Policing,
    12. New wellness centre/pool complex,
    13. Etc.

Where does the person knocking on your door stand on the issues that are important to you?

  1. Can you have a conversation with the person standing at your door, on the dock, on the street about the weather, a sport? Can you find a common topic that he/she can speak to as if you are old friends?
  2. The Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations has information at this link “Vote for your Future”.

There are many other things to consider but hopefully the above has got you thinking and will engage you in this process before Election Day, October 24th.

Here is your chance to shape Carling for the next four (4) years