Your Support is Needed to Stop the Meaford Pumped (Electricity) Storage Project

TC Energy (TCE) proposes constructing a large pumped storage facility just north of Meaford on land owned by the Department of National Defence. The facility will occupy approximately 500 acres of land, including a man-made reservoir partially excavated into the escarpment, and extend 650 metres out into Georgian Bay. Over 6 billion gallons of water will be pumped approximately 150m up the escarpment through intake turbines to the reservoir/dam to be temporarily stored. It will then be released back into Georgian Bay to generate electricity, which will be transferred to the power grid near Barrie.

This project will have Georgian Bay-wide impacts on water quality and biodiversity, and the pumped storage technology is outdated and only 72 per cent efficient.

There is an opportunity this November to persuade the Ontario Ministry of Energy to drop its support for this project. Please consider sending an email through the GBA online portal to explain why this proposed project is a bad deal for Ontario and its taxpayers here.